Related Equipment

Model Feature (Printer)
DP-3 printed on crepe tape.
type, rubber stamp and ink jet
DP-5 printed on top of the bag.
type, solenoid drive
DP-6 printed on top of the bag.
rubber stamp, air cylinder drive
DP-104 empty bag imprinter
ink jet PC coder
kraft paper bag

Model Feature (Deaerator)
DE-1 vacuum deaerator
the time required less than 10 sec

Model Feature (Knock down device)
VD-1 bag reversal conveyor
VD-2 bag reversal conveyor
VD-3 bag reversal conveyor
VD-4 bag rolling conveyor
VD-5 bag ejector

Model Feature (Adjust conveyor)
SU-1 bag flattener conveyor
SU-2 bag flattener conveyor

Model Feature (Corner conveyor)
SB-C curve roller conveyor

Model Feature (Turntable)
SB-T turntable conveyor