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NLI Singapore Pte Ltd is the Singapore office of Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan. NLI is the plant maker which has fully contributed to the development of the packaging technology since its establishment in 1941. It has developed the packaging system needed for the various manufactured goods including foods, daily necessaries, fertilizers, chemicals and semiconductor wafer, thus supporting all the Japanese industries through "Packing".

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Some of our Products

In the Japanese market NLI has an overwhelming market share of 95% for industrial sewing machines, 90% for bag making machines, and 80% for automatic bagging machines. We have the largest market share in Asia in general as well, and are a leading manufacturer worldwide within our industrial niches. As a packaging industry pioneer, we have consistently adapted to our customers’ changing needs and are always ready to meet industry trends.  

  • Liquid Filling Machinery

    Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. backs up Masematic Co., Ltd. in sales and support of liquid filling equipment. Masematic fulfills customer needs for filling equipment in the adhesives, foods and, cosmetics industry. Our pump-driven automatic filling equipment is optimized for highly adhesive and sticky products, and includes: Tube filling and sealing machines High-speed mini-bottle filling machines Specialty automatic filling machines Capping machines Photo […]

  • Confectionery Machine, Food Machine

    Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. becomes the agency backing up the sale of a confectionery machine, the food machine which Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd. is good at. More than half a century were over since we were engaged in the production sale of a confectionery machine and the food machine. Include Japan/ foreign countries and, as “Masami Sangyo of the depositor”, have […]


    THE NLI FORM, FILL AND SEAL PE GUSSETED FILM BAG MAKING & FILLING SYSTEM Model EFS-22 roll tube type automatic bag making and filling machine comprises the bag making, product filling, bag top sealing, and cooling stations. The machine is designed and manufactured using the state-of-the-art technology and all functioning units are integrated into a […]