Confectionery Machine, Food Machine


Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. becomes the agency backing up the sale of a confectionery machine, the food machine which Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd. is good at.

More than half a century were over since we were engaged in the production sale of a confectionery machine and the food machine. Include Japan/ foreign countries and, as “Masami Sangyo of the depositor”, have a favorable reception. By the longtime abundant experience and know-how, we wrestle for the offer of confectionery / the food machine which matched a demand of the user sincerely. Mainly on the cake molding depositor by the soft dough such as various cookies, a sable, the cookie system hard dough such as the tart Cup, bouchee, Shoo, cupcake, the sponge cake, I treat the mixture mixers.

The 21st century begins and stands on a dwindling birthrate and aging, the high stabilization society, and the gentrification intention of the food cake, differentiation, a cake with the originality are demanded, and we work hard at study to suggestion of the offer of a production machine and the peripheral device matching them and development and the materials combination and the most suitable usage of the machine zealously all in one body with a user.

( quote from the web site of Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd. )masami-top3


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