A confectionery machine, A food machine

New-multi model
The Kurukuru-C

Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. becomes the agency backing up the sale of a confectionery machine, the food machine which Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd. is good at.
More than half a century were over since we were engaged in the production sale of a confectionery machine and the food machine. Include Japan/ foreign countries and, as “Masami Sangyo of the depositor”, have a favorable reception. By the longtime abundant experience and know-how, we wrestle for the offer of confectionery / the food machine which matched a demand of the user sincerely.
Mainly on the cake molding depositor by the soft dough such as various cookies, a sable, the cookie system hard dough such as the tart Cup, bouchee, Shoo, cupcake, the sponge cake, I treat the mixture mixers.
The 21st century begins and stands on a dwindling birthrate and aging, the high stabilization society, and the gentrification intention of the food cake, differentiation, a cake with the originality are demanded, and we work hard at study to suggestion of the offer of a production machine and the peripheral device matching them and development and the materials combination and the most suitable usage of the machine zealously all in one body with a user.
(quote from the web site of Masami Sangyo Co., Ltd. )
NEW-MULTI (model MM505)
The all-around depositor which can make the
soft sable and hard sable.

A madeleine, sponge cake, meringue, a sable & cookie ?A point
drop, a twist drop, a long drop, a wire cut, stamp?


Soft dough, hard dough, the sable are made all-around depositor.
Because drop work and top forwarding are automatically
controlled, It can use a top board.

Operation is very simple by a touch panel method. It can support
soft dough by the exchange of the head.


The specifications – PDF file
OPERA (Multipurpose depositor)

Three steps of drops of the soft dough and hard dough, A dough original flavor, It squeeze a dough from an water ingredient to cookie dough without losing a feeling of appetite.
One head, two heads, and Touch panel.

Western-style parcel filling cake, cupcake, potato cake, cookie, sable, drop tart molding, etc
It is the epoch-making depositor which can turn down three kinds of cloth in three heads at a time. It can use a top board.
It show power for the making of gateau with filling.
It can making fresh and youthful cake, a madeleine, cookie and sable.

The specifications – PDF file
Be superior to cost performance; mini-size.

Sponge cake sheet, Shoo dough sheet, madeleine, Shoo, eclair, cupcake, cookie, point drop, long drop, twist drop, etc
A soft & cookie system dough diaphragm is done. Space-saving, a compact, operation is simple by a touch panel method.

The specifications – PDF file